Church History
The Northside Antioch Baptist Church (hereinafter referred to as "Church") was established in 1922 and incorporated in 1976. The Church was started as an offspring from the Antioch Baptist Church in downtown Houston, Texas. Rev. E.L. Harrison helped organize the new church, which held services at 1980 Davis Street, in the home of Bro. and Sis. Willie Haynes. After a short time at this location, the church was moved on to the 1800 block Jensen Drive, the present site of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Our first Pastor was Rev. Frank L. Woodard. In 1928 the Rev. A. Norton was called to Pastor the Church. He resigned two years later. Rev. Gordon served as Pastor for a brief period, as well. In 1930, Rev. A. Livingston was called to Pastor. The church was then moved to the 2600 block of Odin. Later, during Rev. Livingston's Avanquest, the church was moved to the 2700 block of Lorraine. In 1932, the church was moved to 1811 Stevens Street. At this time the membership consisted of about eight adults and several children. It was during this period that the William Johnson family united with the church. Bro. William Johnson, the only deacon at that time, purchased the property in his name. In 1936, Rev. Livingston was dismissed. Rev. J.C. O'Connor was elected as our Pastor in August 1936. Under the leadership of Rev. O'Connor, the Church flourished and progressed. In 1946, Rev. O'Connor rebuilt the Church. Rev. O'Connor conceived our well-known motto, "A Spirit Filled Church with a Hearty Welcome." He served faithfully until his death, May 19, 1964. In 1964, Rev. R. Solomon Rose succeeded Rev. O'Connor as Pastor of the Church. He founded the Education and Scholarship Department. Under Rev. Rose's leadership, Rev. Robert Staggers, Jr. was licensed as a minister on January 29, 1967. Rev. Rose served as Pastor until June 1967. In 1967, Rev. T.W. Hickman succeeded Rev. Rose as Pastor and ordained Rev. Robert Staggers as a minister on November 14, 1968. In May of 1970, Rev. Robert Staggers, Jr. was elected as the Pastor of the Church. In 1976, the Church was remodeled to accommodate a new fellowship hall and two-story educational wing. In 1998, our new 10,200 square foot edifice was erected on the site of 1814 Carr Street at the corner of Lorraine. In 2007, Rev. Tremel Prudhomme was elected to Pastor the Church after Rev. Staggers retired. The church is steadily growing under the leadership of Pastor Tremel Prudhomme. To God Be The Glory!